Thursday, May 13, 2010

Schwarzenegger's Revised Budget Plan Is Expected to Eliminate Some Billion Dollar Health Programs

Administration officials declined to reveal which specific programs the governor would eliminate. But officials involved in the budget process, who spoke on condition of anonymity because they are not authorized to speak publicly, said they would probably include home healthcare for the elderly and disabled, a nearly $2-billion program that serves 440,000 Californians, reports LaTi.

Schwarzenegger may also propose the dismantling of the Healthy Families program, which uses federal money to help provide health insurance for about 900,000 low-income children. The administration warned in January that it would try to abolish the program if the state's budget situation did not improve – which it has not.

Schwarzenegger's proposals, meanwhile, would face stiff opposition in the Legislature, where there is limited support for taking apart the state's healthcare system. Providers and advocacy groups that have successfully sued the state to block the previous cuts are also working with the Democrats who control the Assembly and Senate to preserve services.

The state budget deficit remains around $19 billion.


  1. Pretty sad state this country is in. Hundreds of billions for useless wars, bailouts for billionaires, foreign aid (bribes), benefits for illegal immigrants, etc, but the poor disabled get nothing. How long are the wimpy American people going to put up with this? Man, aren't we luck we're so goddamn free?

  2. The elderly don't need health care. Just do as the Inuit do. When the elderly are no longer of service, leave them for the animals to reintegrate into nature.

  3. Goldman Sach,
    "Well, we suppose that since their is plenty of excess living space in most middle class Californian homes and the majority of those homes occupants are double income families whose parents are presently living alone in their own properties...then eliminating the program will:

    1: Save California money
    2: Move the grandparents into the working children's homes providing additional income to stabilize that family so they pay their mortgages on time.
    3: Add newly foreclosed properties to the distressed market which we will then sell and 100 cents on the dollar value of the over-priced 2005 mortgage to TARP for an immediate profit of the difference between the 2005 market price and the foreclosed on price to the taxpayers.

    Shore up one mortgage, eliminate debt burden from State balance sheet, profit from a distressed sale while eliminating another mortgage from balance sheet. You know, just being imaginative here...if a terrorist just unleashed a biological agent into our distressed markets we could solve this economic downturn while profiting handsomely quite quickly.


  4. will show you that there is $6 TRILLION composite (County, city, State) in Calif that is NOT put intothe budget. There are 2 sets of books and the only one you ever hear about is the 'budget'! Is your household's budget ALL your money? No, it's only what you ALLOCATE to your budget. There is an average of three times as much $ NOT in the budget thgan that is in the budgets! You never heard of the Comprhensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) , have you? Well there are 54,000 of them in USA and each one has an average of 3 times the budget $!!! BUT these govt crooks have it invested in the stock market, golf courses, etc-instead of putting these $trillions into the budgets . This is illegal "Conversion" of funds;ie, masssive FRAUD and theft. Check out and see for yourself!

  5. Bankrupsy is the only solution. That would allow courts to renegotiate all those SEIU and NEA union contracts and those pension programs like Calpers could be reworked.

    I will be voting for only the most liberal socialist state candidates. We must hurry the demise so rebuilding can commence. If 10~15 million also leave that would be a bonus. Adopting AZ's laws would also help rid us of illegal aliens. Vote socialist and help California fail! It must fail before it can be fixed.

  6. I see, the Gov would rather let legal citizen elderly die than deport illegal aliens who have helped to bring this state to it's end. And he thinks he could run for Prez and win if we just get rid of that out dated Constitution! Over my dead body!

  7. Yes, Gov.Arnold is stilling support Illegal immigrations and never deport illegal immigrations. I am from California. I am very disappointment with Gov. Arnold. He blames Legal immigrations and American Citizen for broke California. Not my fault. He is fault!

  8. So in LA County 1 Billion a year goes to illegal aliens in food stamps and welfare - just those two things as documented by LA County Supervisor Michael Antonovich - and yet he cuts care to the ederly? We would rather give free goodies to illegals so they can send 26 Billion home to Mexico and cut off care for Americans. Arnold is a joke.

  9. Pretty sad state this country is in. Hundreds of billions for useless wars, bailouts for billionaires, foreign aid (bribes), benefits for illegal immigrants, etc, but the poor disabled get nothing. How long are the wimpy American people going to put up with this?