Thursday, May 13, 2010

Volcker Shows His True Spots: Recommends Closer Union Between European Countries

Former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker said he’s concerned that the euro area may break up after the Greek fiscal crisis .

“You have the great problem of a potential disintegration of the euro,” Volcker, 82, said in a speech in London today, according to Bloomberg. “The essential element of discipline in economic policy and in fiscal policy that was hoped for” has “so far not been rewarded in some countries.”

“Will economic and financial distress finally be resolved by looking toward more integration in a closely integrated Europe, politically as well as economically?” Volcker said. “I do have my hopes, as a believer in the euro.”
This, my friends, is what a one-worlder sounds like. The answer for Europe is not more integration, where the Germans have to bailout the Greeks and Spaniards for the benefit of the banksters, but indepndence for each country where each country has to fend for itself and reap what it has sewn.


  1. This was -in my opinion- the game plan all along: get Europe's populace to go along with a monetary union that can't work without fiscal and political unions Europe's populace would not abide, and then when the inevitable crisis would come, tell them that there had to be a closer union to save the currency.

    Even a rudimentary understanding of economics suffices to understand this.

  2. Has Volcker ever hidden his true spots ?
    Or do people give him a break based on what he did in the early 80s
    He did take joy in helping to kill the gold standard, did he not ?
    When will the Germans get sick of everyone jumping on their backs ?

  3. Yes, Volker is a one-worlder; I am not!

    The May 2010 EU Finance Ministers’ Summit announced a sacrifice of national sovereignty to preserve the integrity of the Euro. The EU Finance Ministers and the national leaders effected a bloodless coup across the board in every eurozone country -- the deed is done. The Leaders’ Euro Stability Pact Summit Announcement established a unified economic, political, fiscal, monetary and seigniorage government for the entire eurozone. It is unlikely that the people of Germany will rise up against their leaders.

    A new course of history has been set.

    A region of global governance has been established; it is one of ten envisioned, by the 1974 call of The Club of Rome, a think tank comprised of approximately 100 global leaders including scientists, philosophers and political advisors, which held forth totalitarian regional governance, and a unifying global ethic -- a world consciousness to solve interlocking world problems; which it related through published material such as 'Mankind at the Turning Point', and 'The First Global Revolution'.