Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Anarcho-Surrealist Comedian Wins in Iceland

Following a huge financial crisis, Icelandic voters have just thrown traditional politics out the window. They have elected a comedian's party to six of fifteen Reykajavik municipal seats.

The campaign promises of the comedian's party included bringing a polar bear to the Reykajavik petting zoo, Palm trees to Iceland's frigid shoreline and a rearrangement of statues.

The leader of the "Best Party" is comedian Jon Gnarr. It is now believed he has a strong chance of becoming the mayor of Reykajavik. Gnarr says his party is "anarcho-surrealist".

The Best Party received 34.7% of the vote, which resulted in the six seats.  The Independent Party received 33.6% of the vote and 5 seats. The Social Democratic Party, which ruled in alliance with the Green Party, won 3 seats and the Greens got one.

Needless to say, traditional Icelandic politicians are shocked and in an uproar.

(Special thanks for help with this post from the Icelandic Ambassador to the U.S. Hjalmar Hannesson)

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  1. My first reaction was that at least the taxpayers would get a few laughs for their money. But than I thought the party's promise for "the rearrangement of statues" shows real potential. However, they must require the legislators do the rearranging by hand, no contracting allowed. Can you imagine Pelosi, Behner(sp?) and the rest straining to move the Lincoln statue into the reflecting pool? HILLARIOUS!! And they wouldn't have time to legislate!