Wednesday, June 9, 2010

More Signs of PR Desperation from Goldman Sachs

Last we left the shuffling in Goldman Sachs PR department one, Mark Fabiani, was hired. It turned out though that while Fabiani was promoting Goldman Sachs as a good citizen on the East Coast, his firm was dissing Goldman Sachs on the West Coast.

It turns out that the core of their diabolical plan for their West Coast client in a now-failed primary race against Meg Whitman was to tar Whitman because of her connections to the big bad Goldman Sachs.

Goldman has clearly had enough. Perhaps because Fabiani's firm was dissing Goldman on the West Coast, or perhaps because Fabiani's firm was dissing Goldman on the West Coast and their client still lost, Goldman is moving on and hired yet another mouthpiece. This one is named David Wells and is currently at, get this, JPMorgan Chase.

I'm not sure Wells will be as much fun to follow as Fabiani, but he is off to a good start and seems, like Fabiani, not capable of getting negative stuff about himself, or his current firm, JPMorgan Chase, off the high ranking pages of a Google search. Conduct a Google search of "David Wells JPMorgan Chase" and on page two comes up this wonderful web site:

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