Thursday, June 17, 2010

Neomarxist Behind the Obama/FTC Attacks on Bloggers and Drudge-Type Aggregators

There is a powerful movement to re-direct news in a controlled fashion in the United States. For all practical purposes, it would be a takeover by government of news media reporting using the "nudge" style method of control favored by the Obama Administration.

Heading up the effort is Robert McChesney, a self-professed neomarxist media scholar. He operates a think tank disingeniously called, Free Press. His goal however is the exact opposite. He wants a controlled press--controlled by him and his neo-marxiasts buddies. He has publicly stated,  “Only government can implement policies and subsidies to provide an institutional framework for quality journalism,” and "In the end, there is no real answer but to remove brick-by-brick the capitalist system itself, rebuilding the entire society on socialist principles.”

His influence at the Federal Trade Commission is alarming. According to Mike Riggs, a recent report from the Federal Trade Commission entitled, “Potential Policy Recommendations to Support the Reinvention of Journalism.” sounds like it was written by McChesney, himself.

Riggs writes:
If you look at the 47-page discussion document that the FTC just released, many of those ideas were borrowed directly from McChesney or Free Press.

Those ideas, many of them culled from McChesney’s book The Death and Life of American Journalism (co-written with the Nation’s John Nichols), include:

The establishment of a “‘journalism’ division of AmeriCorps” to “ensure that young people who love journalism will stay in the field”

Providing “a tax credit to news organizations for every journalist they employ”

“Establishing citizenship news vouchers”

“Increasing postal subsidies for newspapers and periodicals”

A tax on news aggregators, or even a policy to make news aggregation sites, like the Drudge Report, illegal

The allocation of roughly $35 billion in public news subsidies

A five percent tax on consumer electronics

A ISP cell phone tax

A revision of the tax code to allow for more nonprofit media
This is the "nudge method" of takeover specifically aimed at destabilizing new media such as bloggers and aggregators. Nudge a little here, nudge a little there. It calls for charges on the use of links provided by such web sites as the Drudge Report, at the same time providing subsidies to news outlets that the government(Read:Obama)deem "worthy". Eventually, government is in control of what Americans read and view.

Most alarming is the call for an Americorp of journalists, which again would be chosen and directed by the government and thus directing youth to a rigid view of journalism as seen through the eyes of Big Brother (with fellowship money of course)

The FTC is in the process of holding meetings to push this program through. That such hearings are even being held in the United States of America should come as a shock to any American who believes in freedom of the press and a press that is not influenced by  government programs, agencies, taxes and subsidies.


  1. One of McChesney's books is required reading for freshman journalism students at NYU's journalism department.

  2. America's corporate news providers are apostate. Neocons, zionists, and wallstreet opportunists have a strangle hold on virtually all broadcast and print information outlets. This 'socialist' approach is needed to provide information which is not tainted by the 'mega-capitalists' such as Bill Gates and W.Buffet, and all of the Jewish Wallstreet hedge/banker elites. The internet is not providing sufficient volume of info and investigation to supply a morbidly stupid general electorate. sorry, thems the facts. And that's the way it is, June 17, 2010

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  4. Would Drudge just be able to move abroad and be an aggregator from another country? Though I am sure if they have the power above they would just ban him...

    Wasn't one of the guys in Google saying that censorship of the internet if futile?

  5. No need to go to off broadway to see something plain absurd, just light up the internet with some EPJ Commenters word.

    Anon #1 claims we need the socialist policies of McChesney because "...the internet is not providing sufficient volume of info..."

    Then Anon #2 gives him a blast of dumbfounding but voluminous info. LOL...the absurdity of the exchange seems to reflect the absurdity of McChesney's socialist suggestions.

  6. It would be nice to have at least one news channel that is not controlled by the corporate power structure. Most countries have them, and have not suffered any severe catastrophies as a result. I am afraid that EPJ has (unintentionally, I hope) played into the hands of those who want to have absolute and complete control of all news media, i.e. the corporate power structure. Let's think a little harder and consider the possibility of a variety of possible channels, private and governmental, to ensure that ALL the news gets published.

  7. You think the government news channel is not going to be influenced by the corporate power structure?

    Kind of like how the bills the government passes are not influenced by the corporate power structure, right?

    I don't want my taxes supporting a media outlet spitting out propaganda I don't want to hear. If you really think you can trust state run media you are naive, they will use it to shape their agenda. Furthermore, all news already gets published. If not on Fox, then on MSNBC, if not on MSNBC , then on sites like this one or other blogs. You don't need government run media for that.

    I am not at all affected by the corporate networks, because I can tune them out, and i don't have to pay a dime for them to air. Can't say the same if I am forced to pay for government news.

  8. "I am afraid that EPJ has (unintentionally, I hope) played into the hands of those who want to have absolute and complete control of all news media, i.e. the corporate power structure."

    And what about the State? They don't want to control the media at all?

  9. The problem here is that 99% of the sheeple dont conprehend that the corp media and gov are one and the same- both wings of the same corp control-with the declared 'media' out front to promote its master. to expect the MSM wing to rebel against its owner is absurd and shows how brainwashed people really are with all the establishment cliches about "impartiality, public interest, facts" etc. LOLOLOL

  10. RMolineaux, we have government tv channel and radio channels here. They are the most un-objective thing ever, and they allways blatantly favours the party in power.

    But nobody really believes that channel, so the most important part is that in reallity its a waste of money going to corporate hands, to the friends of politicians. They make very expensive shitty programs that they pay wiht our money to their friends.

    Its a disaster.

  11. Ah, I take comfort in knowing marxists are morons with bad ideas that never work or this might actually bother me. Try it, you bastards! Try to control the network! You can't do it, and since you can't do it, nobody will choose your yellow news and propaganda over real information.

  12. April 20 111th Anniversary of Hitler’s birthday. Multiple of 11.

    Are you a mathemetician anonymous, when is 111 a multiple of eleven, an alternate universe.

    This article was not an exercise in stupid conspiracy theories, but rooted in actual real implications which would devastate the opposition to the present regime. Take away our communication and we will be run over like GM Chrysler AIG and BP, all rolled in one. Its already demonstrated its indifference to the law of the land, and if you think a lttle thing like legality will get in their way, got some seaside property in Vegas for you cheap! At that point it would take a physical takeover to uproot this regime, so wake up and speak up or it will be too late!