Friday, June 18, 2010

Stateless but Not Lawless*** Myths of Violence in the Old American West: An Interview with Dr. Thomas DiLorenzo

Michael McKay emails:

This show will Positively Change your understanding of American History and you will never be able to hear the words, 'Wild West' again without saying to yourself, 'No, they were not!'.

How was the Old West peaceful BEFORE a government? What caused the West to become violent?

The facts and history will surprise and shock you!

Specifically, you will learn that *Law and Order* did NOT (and does not) require a Government at all.

Law and Order are Natural to humans and we actually figured it out before the government arrived - learn how!

After all, LAW preceded GOVERNMENT and not the other way around.

The Old West was mostly Peaceful UNTIL the US Government arrived - find out why!

This interview ranks as one of the more eye opening shows produced by Radio Free Market.

The show will illustrate the Real History we all should have learned in Grade School - but did not. It will debunk the myths and fallacies of the Old West that continue to this day.

It is time to learn what really happened and stop using the term 'Wild West' as a synonym for 'Lawlessness' when clearly The Old West Was Not Lawless - it was merely Stateless.

The interview will be broadcast , Saturday, at 1PM CT on the Radio Free Broadcast Network.

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