Sunday, June 27, 2010

Top Ten

Below are the Top Ten most viewed EPJ posts for the week ending Saturday June 26, 2010.

#1 Bank Run in Spain and Its Destabilizing Ramifications for the Entire EU  (2nd week on list)

#2 George Soros on Jim Rogers: He Is Not a Great Investor

#3 China Officially Disses the Dollar (and Treasury Debt)

#4 Apple's Al Gore Problem

#5 George Soros Stumbles in the Face of Tom Woods' Influenced Questioning

#6 The USA is a “Failed State”: An Interview with Paul Craig Roberts

#7 Is Bernanke Preparing to Double the Money Supply?

#8 Council on Foreign Relations Warns U.S. Dollar and Debt at Tipping Point

#9 32 States Have Borrowed from the Federal Government to Make Unemployment Payments (5th week on list)

#10 Insane Insana: Ron Insana's Vicious Attack on Ron Paul (2nd week on list)

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