Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Zach Kouwe Cracks At Dealbreaker

Oh yes, you need tough skin to be a blogger (or at least the ability to delete comments). Zach Kouwe had neither.

Kouwe was fired at Dealbreaker for, get this, contacting several anonymous commenters to his posts.  He apparently told them he knew where they worked. Kouwe joined Dealbreaker just recently in April just two months after he resigned from The New York Times because of of plagiarism charges that he described as "accidental."

According to Business Insider, because of the way Kouwe was being attacked  attacked in the comments section, he went to the executive editors of Dealbreaker's parent company, Breaking Media, to see if anything could be done about removing the more offensive, threatening remarks that were regularly being posted about him. When the brutal comments continued, Kouwe lost it and sent out the emails to the anonymous posters.

Business Insider has a sampling of the brutal comments that sent Kouwe over the edge, here.

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