Monday, July 26, 2010

First Review of the Goldman Sachs Documentary Is Out

The Goldman Sachs documentary isn't completed yet, but Bess Levin has already come out with a review: "The very serious odds are the thing is going to suck..."

This is her thinking:

Goldman is making a documentary about itself. Here’s why we really shouldn’t give rat’s ass: because Goldman is “paying for the film, has editorial control and is overseeing the project through its marketing department.” Also, it will only be distributed to employees, as a sort of pick me up of sorts, that Lloyd can watch when he’s feeling a bit melancholy or in the event of another really bad day. The bank has hired a real filmmaker, Ric Burns, to make the thing, which is kind of like asking the Coen Brothers to tape your son’s Bar Mitzvah. So, the very serious odds are the thing is going to suck, if you were looking for any sort of drama, intrigue, conflict or humor. But. As one guy told the Journal, it is quite strange for Burns to take on this project.

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