Wednesday, July 21, 2010

In Chicago, They are Getting Sick of Mayor Daley

A product of the Daley Machine is in the White House, but it isn't doing anything for the Mayor. The Chicago Tribune reports:
Given the deep economic pain afflicting Americans, politicians are generally not very popular – whether it's the president or members of Congress, Republicans or Democrats. So it should be no great surprise that Chicagoans are dissatisfied with the most important Chicago pol, Mayor Richard Daley.

Just three years after he was re-elected for the fifth time, by a landslide margin, people are asking what he's done for them lately. A Tribune poll finds 53 percent don't want to see him re-elected, with 68 percent disapproving of his handling of city corruption.

The good news for Daley is that much of this disenchantment stems from matters beyond his control. The other good news for him is that as the February mayoral election approaches, no strong challenger has emerged.


  1. What has he done for them lately? What has he done for them EVER? How do people figure they found themselves in this mess-- magic?

    Politicians-- responsible for all of the good times, and none of the bad. What a job!

    They're like the "cool" parent in the divorce. Let the other parent do the disciplining.

  2. Daley and Obama never ran in the same circles. To say he is a product of the Daley Machine is just bad information.
    Daley has built his own crew of flunkies called "aldermen". They pretend to have the interest of the people in mind, but they never ask for an opinion until a week before elections.

  3. Oh yeah, we are sick of Daley. Can't stand him.