Friday, July 16, 2010

Is the Chiacgo Daley Family Distancing Itself from Obama? has this report:
Bill Daley, brother of Chicago's mayor and Commerce Secretary under President Bill Clinton, is joining the board of trustees of the Third Way, a Democratic think thank whose agenda Daley characterized as "moderate, pro-business and pro-growth."

Daley, 61, Midwest chairman of JPMorgan Chase & Co., announced the role in a far-ranging interview today, saying he wasn't running for anything but knows plenty of people will be if and when Mayor Richard M. Daley steps down.

On his new role, Daley said he's joining the Third Way board because the only way for the Democratic Party to retain a long-term majority was to reach out to independents and find a middle ground on issues from the economy to foreign policy.

Daley on other topics:

* On White House spokesman Robert Gibbs' statement that Democrats could lose control of the House after mid-term elections: "I can understand why Gibbs said what he said and I can understand why House members would go crazy. One's an idiot to assume incumbents won't lose a lot of seats. It's historic. And you layer on the worst economy since the Great Depression and you layer on two wars.

"The wisest people I've listened to think it's highly unlikely the Senate will change, and it's probably not likely that the House would change...but if Democrats retain control, leadership will find a very different House. With a (hypothetical) 15-vote majority, you retain the chairmanships, but you do not have the ability to ram things through in the House."
The "Third Way" doesn't sound like the Obama way. The political savvy Daley family appears to be recognizing the obvious, Obama is a sinking ship, and are preparing to be ahead of the problem

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