Wednesday, July 14, 2010

It's Done: Oakland Lays Off 80 Police Officers...

Because of budget problems.

Below are the list of "small" crimes the police will now officially not respond to in person. Victims will instead be asked to fill out forms over the internet. The crimes include:

  • burglary
  • theft
  • embezzlement
  • grand theft
  • grand theft:dog
  • identity theft
  • false information to peace officer
  • required to register as sex or arson offender
  • dump waste or offensive matter
  • discard appliance with lock
  • loud music
  • possess forged notes
  • pass fictitious check
  • obtain money by false voucher
  • fraudulent use of access cards
  • stolen license plate
  • embezzlement by an employee (over $ 400)
  • extortion
  • attempted extortion
  • false personification of other
  • injure telephone/ power line
  • interfere with power line
  • unauthorized cable tv connection
  • vandalism
  • administer/expose poison to another's

Obviously, it's time protection be privatized away from government.


  1. Obviously anything that requires any time spent investigating is not productive. Police need to be out there enforcing petty crimes where instant fines can be distributed in order to indirectly collect money for the government. Hence the police will become another way of collecting revenue and no longer "serve the people".

  2. Had my cars and storage building prowled last night by a slightly overweight 5'-7" teenager. I have the whole thing on security cam video (a hobby of mine). The police took the report, but were mostly disinterested and going through the motions. I understand, but it is very frustrating. What can I do if I catch the perp in the act ON MY OWN PROPERTY? Assaulting the fool would land ME in jail without a doubt. No way I'd consider holding him at gunpoint for the police to arrive as I'd go to jail once again. I live just outside Seattle btw.

  3. Nothing has changed. As far as I know all police ever really did was took a police report and said "They'd look in to it." No promise to catch anyone or spend any effort even trying to.

    So now they don't take the report? Not a huge change. Police are pretty much useless. Most of what they expend effort doing is harrassment. And private security would cost 10x more than police, involve even worse attrocities than those police commit... it would be a nightmare. I would suggest communities police themselves where they can. Shoot a few prowlers, pretty sure others will get the picture.

  4. In fact.. I remember shortly after 9-11, when they were out looking for terrorists, I was a fuel delivery driver in the Bay Area. I was delivering in what of all places was Oakland.

    We had been warned that the terrorists might try and steal our fuel trucks to use as mobile bombs, or something. One night delivering in Oakland I had my fuel loading cards stolen. I called the police, they came by, the car barely stopped rolling, they handed me a single sheet of paper out the window, said fill it out, mail it in, good luck... and then drove away.

    So remind me again how useful these people are that we need to worry? I see no change and that was September 2001. This is ten years later!

  5. I'm curious if drug crimes are on the list. In fact, I wonder if any crime that involves a significant amount of money would be responded to, regardless of the type, because of the possibility of asset forfeiture. After all, funding is funding, regardless of the source!

  6. I grew up in a poor country farm area and went to a school full of poor people's children. Our house was on a robbery circuit. The murder rate and gang violence got so bad we finally started to feel we were in danger (my dad felt threatened at his job) and we moved,....far away.

    The old shooting rifles we owned where the first things they robbed. I always felt lucky they just wanted our stuff and nothing else. In the countryside, you know the police are not going after the criminals, so you either stay (and get a mean dog) or leave. Right now you can still move out of Oakland. May not be so simple (and it may end up being illegal to own a mean dog) if you wait to leave because the economy is suppose to take a turn for the worst soon (and make it impossible to move to less troublesome areas of the country/planet).
    EileenH-Santa Cruz, CA

  7. "Obviously, it's time protection be privatized away from government."

    I would advise against that:

  8. Crime will DROP by thousands of % as people get handguns and criminals go to OTHER TOWNS where the police HELP THEM do crime.
    They are scared of homeowners.
    They want cops that will show up and TASER THE HOME OWNER

  9. 80 police officers at $80,000 a year is a good start.
    Just hire Blackwater to randomly shoot innocent people like they do in Iraq.

  10. This is a good sign! We are one step closer to the imperialist pukes in the federal government realizing it does not have enough to drop daisies cutters half way around the world. Why must the USA be the "Policeman of the world" anyway? ... More DHS, more TSA, more taxes, more debt, while what is left of the bay area dump that is Oakland gets flushed down the sewer pipe. We either get better at running the ship of state or we all sink together.

  11. Billions for Israel, cuts to Amerika.
    Welcome to the New Zionist United States, citizen.
    Now be compliant.

  12. You have to realize that "our" government has been taken over at the highest level to understand what is going on. All available monies and all unavailable monies (printing press) must go to Israhell's fake "war on terror" which is actually Israhell's war for conquest of the middle east (and the world?)

    "Our" president Obama has to ask mossad agent Rahm Emanuel for the combination (security toilet, invented by Israhell)every time he needs to use the potty.

    You voted for him folks, not me.


  13. This is exactly where we should go.
    Watch how citizens begin buying more guns and then notice how much certain crimes like assaults/robberies/rapes are reduced by it.
    Remember that if the police can become fatigued by chasing after petty thieves,they won't lose much sleep over the cases of a citizen killing one of them either.
    One more thing,we mustn't limit any money going to our ally (NOT!) Israel,they deserve the money more than us...

  14. Here is what is going on.

  15. alot of people sitting here bitching about the problem, i was taught if you don't have a possible solution to a problem, you can't bitch. "we" the people elected the folks running this country and making these horrible decisions, so "we" the people need to get up off our dead asses and re-assess who our elected officials are. get the dead wood out of there. term limits to 8 years would cut down on the effects of lobbyist, no benefits any better than what joe america gets, no retirement, no health care after leaving office and salary caps of $50000; raises should be voted on by the people and directly tied to cost of living raises of military and retirees. then lets see who runs this country!!! IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT? DO SOMETHING TO CHANGE IT!!

  16. this is the best news i have heard in a long time the police have been protecting the criminals for far too long. now that they are being taken away we will finally be able to fix the problem.

    has any one ever been protected by the police? how many people have ever been helped by the police? my guess not many if any the police are view by most as trouble not help.

    watch the you tube clips "americas largest street gang" see for your self

    ihave been bugalarized 30 times i have been shot at in an armed robery and muggeg twice neve did the police do any thing to catch the criminals the only property i ever recovered i found my self through my own informants and the police actually made ay recovery of those more difficult.

    i say cut the police force in half around the country and any troubles that might cccur will be over in six months.

  17. This is GOOD news. I say who needs them. The only thing they do is stand by the side of the road and point speed detectors at you. It's more than disgusting. I have NEVER been helped by a cop and never will be. They are not there to "serve and protect", they are there to COLLECT MONEY, period, end of story.

  18. Good luck with "voting" them out. First, the voting machines are compromised. Secondly, the alternatives are the other side of the same coin. We, the American people, have been had.

  19. Good riddance! Enough cops to protect us from everything means enough cops to harass us when nothing much is happening. Ticket quotas and arrest quotas have to be filled; you and your grandmother can fill them just as well as real bad guys. The first few home invaders shot by residents will get the message out to the bad guys.

  20. Nowhere in the constitution does it say we should have a police force or standing army, as both are interchangeable. We are to police ourselves. The cops turned into revenue collectors and intimidators of policy. They have become 'above' the law.

  21. Based on this posting alone, and (most) of the responses, I must say, this is my favorite blog of all time.

    Mr. Wenzel...keep up the good work!

  22. Well thats 80 Police Officers who won't be shooting unarmed citizens with guns mistaken for tasers! Some might see that as a step up!

  23. I like the anti-Israel commenter who conflates local city funding cuts for police in Oakland, CA, with federal subsidies and handouts for the Israeli military-industrial complex. A person who wasn't obsessing over the way Israel "controls" America probably could see those are two unrelated phenomena. Not this champ!

    Michael L.,

    Govt does not provide "protection" now, in actuality. Meanwhile, there are more private security guards and more private arbitration than there are public cops and public court proceedings. So you must really be upset at the state of security in America!

  24. Look at Norway 98% of the public own guns and they have the lowest crime rate in the world !

  25. Phuck the Police, God damned mother Phuckers good for nothing asslicking faggots. What do we pay you for then?????? for sure, now if a crook comes near my house i got no choice but to kill the mother phucker and take him out for good. whats the point of taking him to jail??? a week in prison and he will make a comeback for revenge. so dont be afraid, kill the phuckers and just stab yourself with a kitchen knife and make it look good.

  26. You write "It's time protection be privatized away from government."

    On Monday April 12, 2010, DynCorp International, which has helped train the national police in Afghanistan, said that it is being bought out by private equity firm Cerberus Capital Management for $1 billion; the deal includes debt which pushes its total value to $1.5 billion.

    If we have privatized law enforcement, we will have DnyCorp or its like, heading up the most virulent of a police state -- it will be the bankers and the government combined in the most oppressive of an oligarchy.

    Then one might as well throw away any and all civil rights such as the Miranda Rights.

    Your proposal will assure that the only "rule of law", will be the word, will and way of the leaders.

  27. Good frickin' riddance.

  28. They're not going to respond to "false information to peace officer"?
    So If I lie to a cop in Oakland, will he cease to exist?

  29. When somthing is draughted out, normally something else is draughted in.
    It is expected they would take this approach.

    il add, the somebody who assumes the so called criminal wont come armed and would rather take heed of said murders, is naive and stupid, they would come armed un tie you and your children up, ransack you rape you un maybe kill you, this is whats expected from your enterprize.

    Have a good year.

    Ld Elon

  30. This is extortion.

    The police are doing a work stoppage
    in order to extort higher taxes out
    of the public.

    Prior to 911, police were service oriented
    and respectful (and legally fearful) of the
    public after the Rodney King beating and scores
    of high profile brutality cases (Abner Louima)... which had damaged their public

    But after 911 an amazing shift occured led by
    how police were portrayed by the mainstream
    media... all police oficers became heroes
    once again - virtually overnight.

    And it went to their heads...

    Out came the tasers and and a return to being
    an "authority" instead of public servants.

    Like Thomas Jefferson said...

    "When the government fears the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny."

    Which do we have in America today?

    RIP America

    Both Eisenhower & JFK told us what was coming...

    So did David Rockefeller & Zbigniew Brzezinski.

    Welcome to the "Brave New World."

  31. Taylor,

    I think is evident that the government provides protection, e.g., the police. Moreover, I'm guessing Wenzel's talking about abolishing the government's role altogether, not simply privatizing the in's and out's of an essentially government-run police force. Such would amlount to anarchism, and I've expressed my feelings on that issue already.

  32. TO:Anonymous and Other's
    Here are the things you may do in retaliation for crimes committed against, you and your property without having the police come out and investigate.

    1.Use FALSE PERSONIFICATION to get the subject to lie on the ground, believing that you are someone who you are not.

    2.ADMINISTER A POISON to the subject to let them take a short nap and STEAL THE SUBJECTS IDENTITY.

    3.Go to his residence and cut or INJURE THE TELEPHONE LINE (Alarm Line)

    4.BURGLARIZE his residence. POSSESS his and friends or parents CHECKS and PASS these FICTITIOUS CHECKS.

    5.Turn the STEREO up LOUD and jam out as you STEAL WHAT YOU WANT, INCLUDING THE DOG.

    6. Take your time and dig deep, find some personal, financial or other damning information and use it to EXTORT more money from the subjects, you can make them EMBEZZLE the money or STEAL IT FROM THEIR JOB, as long as it is OVER $4OO.00.

    7. Feel free to DUMP WASTE OR OFFENSIVE MATTER (take a leak and a crap) wherever you deem appropriate and vandalize their place upon your departure.

    8. If at anytime you come in contact with a law enforcement officer, feel free to buffalo the shit out of him, anything for him to go away.

    Hope this helps!

  33. I notice that they still have time to prosecute consensual/moral offenses (prostitution, gambling, drugs, etc.)

    Why do we need police at all if they won't respond to real crimes?

  34. Because We Live in a Police State. Their not here to serve and protect anymore. See how many tasings going on with the elderly and infirm. I suggest you all visit and watch documentaries that can awaken you.