Sunday, July 4, 2010

Top Ten

Below are the Top Ten most viewed EPJ posts for the week ending Saturday July 3, 2010.

#1 The Book Washington D.C Is Afraid Of
#2 Ten Russians Arrested in the U.S. as Spies; Relayed Report on Gold Market
#3 It's Time to Join a Gang By Gonzala Lira
#4 HOT RUMOR: Roubini and The Russian Spy
#5 Geithner Watches as the Screws Get Turned on Iran
#6 The Fed In Panic  By Tyler Durden
#7  Ludwig von Mises on the Meaning and Significance of Deflation  Ebeling-Wenzel email exchange
#8  32 States Have Borrowed from the Federal Government to Make Unemployment Payments (6th week on list)
#9 The Krugman Long Depression Warning
#10  ALARMING: ECB Sterilization FAILS

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