Sunday, July 4, 2010

Russian Oligarch Faces Costliest Divorce Ever

Dmitry Rybolovlev, 43, a mining magnate ranked as Russia's 10th richest man, is locked in a bitter divorce case with Elena, his wife of 23 years and the mother of his two daughters, reports Gulf News.

She wants a $90 million yacht, moored off the Italian coast and a string of properties from London to Singapore, including a $80 million mansion in Palm Beach, Florida, bought from Donald Trump, and $4.5 billion cash.

n court papers,says Gulf News, Rybolovleva, also 43, has accused her husband of serial infidelity and of carousing on the couple's yacht with a number of other women. She is said to be "sick to the back teeth of his fondness for other women".

Forbes estimated earlier this year that her husband was worth about $7.0 billion, but she believes that he's worth a lot more and has hidden much of his wealth in offshore accounts.

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