Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Will Peter Boettke Have to Throw Daniel D'Amico Under the Bus?

Daniel J. D’Amico has left a comment at my post, It's Now the "Austrian/Market Process Tradition". In the post, I discuss Peter Boettke's apparent move away from the use of the term,  "Co-Ordinated Problematics", to use of the term, "Austrian/market process tradition."

At one point in my post, I write:
A google search of the "Austrian/market process tradition", provides results of 3 pages and 26 results.

"Austrian economics" has 305,000 results.
In his comment, D'Amico responds:
Daniel J. D'Amico said...
typing in "austrian market process" into google yields 14,400,000 results.
In other words, D'Amico doesn't have an f'ing clue.

D'Amico is an Assistant Professor of Economics at the Joseph A. Butt S. J. College of Business, Loyola University New Orleans. And judging from his CV, spends way too much time on wacked out models to recognize reality.

He builds weak models and then extrapolates to the moon. His comment is a perfect example of how out of touch with reality he is. With "Co-Ordinated Problematics" defenders like this, Boettke's "Co-Ordinated Problematics" ship is sinking fast. I know Boettke only likes to hang with the deep thinkers, so I guess, he will have to throw D'Amico under the bus. There's no way D'Amico can survive the preciseness and accuracy that Boettke demands. Allow me to explain:

When you search for

"austrian market process"

you only get 14,200 results. Remove the quotes and search for

austrian market process

and you get a gazillion results. To be more precise, D' Amico tells us that it is 14,400,000 results.

But, after page 19, the results are stuff like:
Drivers and Limiters of the Austrian Market for Dental Bone Graft .... Pipes and Fittings, Printing industry, Process equipment manufacture ...
"My hope is that it will help in the process of repentance, healing and ... "But places like southern Germany and Austria and Poland are still very ... already losing market share to Pentecostal and evangelical churches. ...
Many gay and lesbian people are in a committed same-sex relationship. ... in an 1869 German pamphlet by the Austrian-born novelist Karl-Maria Kertbeny, .... gay, or bisexual (LGB) sexual identity is a complex and often difficult process. .... questions—questions about the general nature of labor market choices, ...
Now, D'Amoico may think all this has something to do with Co-Ordinated Problematics. My guess, however, is that it is a perfect example of a wacky model builder. He builds a sloppy model, pulls out an absurd result, and can't recognize the reality that there is no way in hell there are 14,400,000 references to austrian market process, as an economic concept.  

How can Boettke work with such a guy?


  1. Wenzel,

    Easy there, tiger... you don't want the guy to cry himself into a dehydration-induced coma now, do ya?

  2. Why not ? A scientist should know the basics of index searches. It's counting words, not rocket science.

    Small step for him, big step for humanity.

  3. OK kids, let's hold our fire. Wenzel, D'Amico's a cool guy, just as I would tell Dan that you are a cool guy.

    What exactly do you know about Dan D'Amico? He fired off a dumb comment, and he likes Boettke.

    What exactly does Dan know about you? You made a childish post about Boettke because of his name-changing antics, and that you don't like Boettke.

    Is this really sufficient cause to start a war?

    (That's not a rhetorical question; you are free to say, "Of course it is, this is the blogosphere.")