Sunday, July 11, 2010

WRSTGD as an Excuse to Raise Taxes

The elite continue to set up the play for higher taxes.

Salon's David Sirota pimps the idea by writing that the Worst Recession Since the Great Depression (WRSTGD) is a perfect time to RAISE taxes:
But as history (and "Freakonomics") teach, such oversimplified memes tend to obscure the counterintuitive notions that often hold the most profound truths. And in the case of the WRSTGD, the most important of these is the idea that we are in economic dire straits because tax rates are too low.
When he isn't relying on the non sequitir method of analysis that Freakonomics brings to the debate, Sirota relies on that other great economist, Hillary Clinton:

...with USA Today reporting that tax rates are at a 60-year nadir, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told a Brookings Institution audience that "the rich are not paying their fair share in any nation that is facing [major] employment issues ... whether it is individual, corporate, whatever the taxation forms are."
To top things off, he then quotes the Soros' front group, Center for American Progress:

...a Center for American Progress analysis shows that "Greece has consistently spent less" than Europe's other social democracies — most of which have avoided Greece's plight.

"The real problem facing the Greeks is not how to reduce spending but how to increase revenue collections," the report concludes, fingering Greece's comparatively "anemic tax collections" as its economic problem.
Then more from Hillary:
In summing up her remarks, Clinton said that this higher-tax/higher-revenue formula "used to work for us until we abandoned it."
Brace yourself, once mid-terms are over, Obama's next play is major tax increases.

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