Tuesday, July 13, 2010

WSJ Headline: Obama to Nominate Lew as Budget Director

Unfortunately, not "our Lew", Lew Rockwell. But just the thought of it has made my day.

The Lew that Obama plans to nominate is Jacob Lew, who has played the revolving door game quite well. It appears he has another operative of ultimate insider Robert Rubin. Lew's stints have included a stop at Citigroup as Chief Operating Officer in 2006 of the Alternative Investments unit, when Robert Rubin was at Citi.

He is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, where Rubin is Co-Chairman and he is on the Brookings Institution Hamilton Project Advisory Board. The Hamilton Project was founded by Rubin.


  1. A terrible shame Lew Rockwell wasn't nominated, for my sake. For Lew's sake, though, I wouldn't wish that job on such a decent man.


  2. Another Keynesian.. I assume.
    No problem.. just print money or borrow it without limit and raise taxes.
    No problem.. take all the cash out of our economy and let DC spend it.
    No problem.. when will the game end?
    Monopoly money is only money until the game ends