Wednesday, August 18, 2010

As the President Dines

L.A. Times, "L.A. fuming over Obama traffic, demands investigation"
"What has occurred is way beyond reasonable and can only be described as negligent," L.A. resident Kevin McCarthy said in an e-mail to The Times. "If it isn't my story, currently evolving, of beginning my 1 mile journey home at 5pm and at 7:50pm now being 3 miles from home with no viable idea of how to get closer, it should be about the two sirens-wailing ambulances I have witnessed stuck in this unnecessary gridlock."
Columnist for The Wrap, "President Obama Owes Los Angeles a Big Apology".
I am coming to you live from the center of the worst traffic jam I have ever seen in my life. I've been trapped here for over three hours because President Obama and a group of Hollywood insiders are having a fancy fundraiser.

Someone apparently decided that Obama's $2,500-a-plate dinner at the house of "West Wing" producer John Wells necessitated shutting down most of the major east-west through streets in Los Angeles.

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  1. Make way for the King! Make way for the King! Make way for the King, I say, make way!

    Can't take too many chances with the safety of a socialist dictator, not even in "friendly" neighborhoods full of his most ardent supporters and beneficiaries of his wondrous policies (may they never be mutually exclusive)!