Monday, August 9, 2010

Do People Actually Go To Work if They Don't Get Unemployment Benefits?

Stefan Karlsson has spotted an interesting cluster of data:

Another thing about Friday's U.S. employment report: After having risen relentlessly since 2007, the number of long-term (27 weeks or more) unemployed, as well as the median duration of unemployment, fell back in July.

July was also a month when due to Republican resistance, the extension of unemployment benefits was delayed so that many long-term unemployed lost their benefits.


  1. In my view it's not so simple. A person can drop off the unemployed rolls because they found a job or because they are no longer looking for work. Looking for work is a requirement to receive jobless benefits. So, when a person's jobless benefits run out they have a reduced incentive to say they are looking for work and may therefore drop off the unemployed rolls.

  2. Now there's another reason not to get a job...Uncle S. will pay your mortgage!