Saturday, August 7, 2010

Former Congressman Wants to Protect Assets in Case the Current Soft Dictatorship Goes Hard

Here's what Congressmen really think about after leaving office. Robert Ringer writes:
A long-time friend of mine, who retired some years ago after serving as a Republican congressman for eighteen years, called me last week. He said he was concerned about protecting his assets in the event the current soft dictatorship in Washington evolves into an out-and-out police state.

During our discussion, I asked him if the Republicans win control of both houses of Congress, did he believe they would have the courage to seriously start cutting back on entitlements and trying to repeal every unconstitutional bill the Obamaviks have passed. To which my cynical friend responded, “If the Republicans take over the House and Senate, it’s not going to make a tinker’s dam bit of difference.”


  1. The insiders know how bad it really is. And if THEY are scared, you know the end is near.

  2. It should be pretty easy to figure out who this guy is, right? How many Congressmen retired some time ago after exactly eighteen years in office? We also know the guy is probably a Republican, and is friends with Robert Ringer.

  3. If the Republicans take over the House they can impeach the President and Vice President, and then install the Speaker of the House as acting President. They can also launch investigations into House and Senate members, and as a result of those investigation create a strong Republican, if not conservative, majority in both houses of Congress.

    I predict they will do so. Having a Republican President and Congress will make a lot of difference. The retired Congressman must have been joking.