Friday, August 27, 2010

Is Anna Chapman a Kinsellian?

Stephan Kinsella holds that intellectual property, including copyright, is incompatible with libertarian property rights principles.

I hold a different view, but it appears Russian spy Anna Chapman is a practicing Kinsellian. WSJ reports:

A celebrity magazine accused deported Russian spy Anna Chapman of copyright violation after she posed for a photo spread and then posted one of the shots on Facebook more than a week ahead of the spread's scheduled publication.
 The photo, showing the red-haired femme fatale in a low-cut white dress seated by a window overlooking the Kremlin, marks her return from two months' seclusion following her arrest and the much-publicized U.S.-Russia spy swap. The photo, posted earlier this week, drew rave reviews from her Facebook friends and circulated widely before the flap with its owner, Zhara (Russian for Heat) magazine.

On Thursday she took down the photo without explanation and posted a new profile picture on her Facebook page—in a high-necked white dress by a lake. That photo wasn't part of the magazine spread that is due to be published Wednesday, the online version of a paper owned by the magazine's publisher, has posted the below video to promote the picture spread.


  1. Wenzel,

    Great picture at top. Each time I get a gander at this woman I become more and more impressed.

    How could Roubini resist?

  2. This wasn't the one that put the moves on Roubini. You don't want me to put a picture up of her.

    Roubini resisted. Nuff said.