Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Pro-Union President and Congress are Damaging the Economy...

says Nobel Prize winning economist Gary Becker:

Are the Democratic-controlled Congress and President Obama very much pro union? Unquestionably. Do the economic effects of unions on the welfare of workers as a whole justify that union bias? No. Has their pro-union orientation seriously retarded the recovery from the recession? Probably....The real threat to a robust recovery on the labor side has come from employer and entrepreneurial fears that once the economic environment improves, a Democratic Congress and administration will pass pro-union and other pro-worker legislation that will raise the cost of doing business and cut profits. In this way the obvious pro-union-pro-worker bias of the present government has contributed to a slower recovery, especially in labor markets.
(Again via Greg Mankiw. (Perhaps Mankiw's best week of posting ever.)

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