Sunday, August 8, 2010

Help John Carney: Serious Dream Interpreters Required

Here's the set up:

A few months back financial journalist John Carney was fired from his position as a blogger at His unemployed status did not last long. CNBC came to the rescue and hired him. (One could say an early Christmas present).  He now writes for their web site and is an occasional on air commentator.

Today, Carney sent a twitter note:

Last night I dreamt I lived in an apartment that was literally on the East River, almost falling in. Heated by burning Christmas trees.
Let's help John out. Post in the comments below, what John's subconscious is telling him about his life.


  1. Carney sees CNBC as a rescuer he wishes he really didn't need. I give him 6 months at CNBC.

  2. Typical. He's afraid of losing the momentum he's been building with CNBC. He's feeling pressure. The x-mass trees represent comfort, pleasure, and protection. They also represent CNBC. With the trees heating the apartment, their benefits penetrate every aspect of the apartment.

    The apartment represents his life at the moment. An apartment on the East River signifies success in Manhattan. However, with it be located, literally, over the river, it might be in danger of plunging into the river, and being lost forever. The river is external to CNBC, and represents that he might be a threat to himself. He'll be the one to extingish the the trees. Don't fuck up, Carney!

  3. it's a warning: don't forget to pay the rent, John.

  4. Visions of the future.

    Equity markets crash before the holidays, CNBC viewership goes to 2. Carney and the rest of the staff are "rationalized" as the channel format is changed to air replay loops of The Grapes of Wrath (1940); Brother, Can You Spare a Dime? (1975); and The Day the Bubble Burst (1982).

    The apartment symbolizes a prison cell (where Wall St's criminals end up). The East River the flow of wealth out of the country and out sea, close enough to watch it escaping but out of reach, unable to stop it. The Christmas Tree(s) the hope and dreams of the pyramid scheme(rs) going up in flames.

    Get out while you can, John, go get a productive job.

  5. The apartment is CNBC. The East River represents the Tea Party and other crazed masses. The burning Christmas Trees represent the end to childish hope. It's all going up in flames.

    It's time to get out while you still can. Get an honest job, John, as a body double in Hollywood.