Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Big Question about Julian Assange

I see that all of mainstream media have their Obama administration intravenous news feeds properly attached, since they are all spinning the same story that Wikileak's founder Julian Assange has put the lives of many Afghan informants at risk. According to MSM, Taliban members, in their caves, apparently caves with internet access, are studiously going through the documents dumped by Wikileaks. But if  the Taliban have to actually put the pieces of the puzzle together to guess at who the informants are, isn't this enough time for the informants to get the hell out of Dodge, before the Taliban comes with its assassination squads?

It seems as though MSM is concerned about all informants, except one, Julian Assange. Not a peep of concern about the one informant who actually informed the American people (and the world) about the true state of the war in Afghanistan.

Let's assume for a minute that an Afghan informant is dumb enough to hang around for awhile, after knowing the Taliban might be after him, and he does get killed. Let's also assume that the Obama spinmeisters were pro-peace, instead of pro-war. Then, of course, the loss of life would only be "collateral damage" for the "greater good" of ending the war.

The big question that needs to be asked about Assange is not this nonsense about how many dumb informants are hanging around to be supposedly killed, but how many lives of Afghans and Americans  Assange has saved, if because of his document dump, the war ends much sooner than it otherwise would have.


  1. The schizophrenia between Fox Business Channel and O’Reilly:

    Judge Napolitano supports Wikileaks.

    O'Reilly doesn't.

    Glenn Greenwald on the ACLU's representation of the father of U.S. citizen Anwar al-Awlaki.

    O'Reilly claims that the ACLU representation of his dad means that the ACLU is actively seeking TO AID Al-qaida.

    No spin, eh?

  2. Michigan Republican congressman Mike Rogers calls for the execution of Bradley Manning for treason and the arrest of Julian Assange for espionage in this Detroit radio podcast at 7:10.

    Frank Beckmann, University of Michigan football announcer, loves it.

    These are our Republican "friends" in the 10th Amendment debate.

  3. Julian Assange is a CIA prop. He didn't post anything that the government didn't want posted.