Sunday, August 22, 2010

Top Ten

Below are the Top Ten most viewed EPJ posts for the week ending Saturday August 21, 2010.

#1 The Worst Case Scenario by Egon von Greyerz – Matterhorn Asset Management

#2 Soros Bailing Out of U.S. Stock Market

#3 The Hindenburg Omen: The Real Thing or Hot Air?

#4 Is China Executing a Cunning Sun Tzu Strategy to Destroy the Dollar and Cause an Upward Price Explosion in Gold?  By Elizabeth Brinsden  (2nd week on list)

#5 The ShoreBank Bailout, the Scent of Obama and a Mysterious Player

#6 This Week: Second and Third Hindenburg Omen Events

#7  CMI Data Indicates It's Still a Real Ugly Economy (And headed toward new lows)

#8  Solving the Residential Mortgage Crisis

#9  Ebeling versus Cowen on Lachmann

#10 Understanding the Manipulated 'Recovery' and Why It Is Collapsing

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