Monday, August 2, 2010

Waters Charged with Ethics Violation (Paulson Still Runs Free)

A House ethics investigative panel has charged Rep. Maxine Waters, D-California, with violating House rules by seeking federal financial assistance for a bank with ties to her husband.

There are no indications that anyone is going to charge former Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson for his funneling of billions to his cronies on Wall Street and lying to Congress about what his intent was with the hundreds of billion he sought and received.


  1. Kudos Robert. Hanky Panky Paulson does run free however the government clearly has a hands off Goldman Sachs policy when they are running in the wild (their natural habitat). The SEC only cares when they perceive they can shoot fish in a barrel however a one week's worth of trading profits as a fine is at best insulting.

    Even then, no one faces criminal charges and business continues as usual.

    How about charges against mankind and specifically on behalf of all children and grandchildren to all "representatives" that voted yes to financial reform without reading the bill? Of course these are the same buffoons that opted not to read the Health Care Bill let alone the TAPR scam. They would have been better if Paulson got his way with his initial 3 page plan.

    Keep up the great posts Robert as you are a genuine asset to the next generation!

  2. How does the House Ethics Committee pick and choose its victims? Waters gets caught in her corrupt activity but Diane Feinstein who reportedly funneled some FDIC business her husbands way gets off scott free. I saw one story and then nothing...Diane is apparently more powerful than Maxine.

    I agree with "Bear Hug" lets throw them all in the clink.

  3. Yes, Paulson, Greenspan, Bernanke, Summers, Geithner (who committed tax problems just like Rangel), Rubin, etc. - they should be locked up for life.