Sunday, August 22, 2010

Why the iPad Has Just Become a Must Have Item for Students of Economics

David Veksler posts at
Stanza is a book reader for the iPhone/iPad. One of Stanza’s features is the ability to browse specially-formatted book catalogs. While it has a number of built-in catalogs, you can also add your own. I have created such a catalog for books and journals. To see the catalog, get the Stanza app, tap “Get Books”, “Shared”, “Add Book Source”, then add the URL Tap “Save.” You can now browse the catalog and download any book on Isn’t technology wonderful?
All books can then be viewed on your iPad for free.

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  1. I'm really excited about the possibilities with the iPad and easy print-on-demand options for teaching economics, when I finish school.

    These technologies will make it possible to pull together lots of articles and shorter readings, for a "best of" reading list. The teacher who introduced me to Austrian economics used a lot of Mises articles to supplement our other texts. It made for great readings.

    The thought of having Human Action in such a compact package is about enough to justify the cost of an iPad.