Sunday, August 22, 2010

More Signs the Center of Influence in the U.S. has Moved from the Business World of NYC to the Political World of Washington D.C.

WaPo reports:
A growing number of New York City-based restaurants are scouting locations or setting up shop in the District, hedging against some weakness in their hometown market.

Since the economic downturn began, no fewer than 10 Empire State restaurateurs have made designs on the District. Among them is the Gerber Group, which is cruising downtown for sites for its line of bars, including Whiskey Blue and Stone Rose. Michael Wang is looking to bring his Luke's Lobsters to the area.

Food Network star Bobby Flay is in negotiations to open his first local Burger Palace, a New York and New Jersey staple, and Shake Shack owner Danny Meyer recently announced plans for a spot in Dupont Circle... P.J. Clarke's is slated to open in the former Olives Restaurant space at 16th and K streets.
The NYC headquartered Italian restaurant Carmine's just opened in D.C. People tell me that it can seat 700 at one time. Supposedly, it has a back entrance to a separate private bomb-proof room so that the President could take, say, Russian President Medvedev for a family style serving of spaghetti bolognese.

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  1. DC used to have huge power, but the general application of the rule of law allowed business a large swath of area for action. In the last year or so we have basically moved to unlimited government. The fed purchases worthless securities? I'm pretty sure the law limits the Fed to buying T obligations and stuff explicitly backed by the USG. The press isn't interested in the law (we don;t need no stinking badges!) and with no one to raise major hell it is just a done thing. GM bondholders are wiped out before subordinate interests? Whatever DC wants to do. Now the financial reform bill suposidly allows shutting down any enterprose the USG deems a danger to the financial system. BP has no recourse to courts, it is required to negotiate a giant slush fund subject to political control and disbursement. No impartial court, no evidentiary rules, no review of the awards. Naturally DC siphons off wealth and power wirh every free discretionary act.