Friday, August 13, 2010

Yes, I Can Read Rupert Murdoch's Mind

Business Insider reports:
Murdoch's Latest Plan To Kill The Internet: Launch New National Newspaper For iPads And Cellphones

News Corp. Chief Executive Rupert Murdoch is embarking on an ambitious plan for a new national digital newspaper to be distributed exclusively as paid content for tablet computers such as Apple Inc.'s iPad and mobile phones

EPJ August 3rd (with a little help from The Austrailian)

What Rupert Murdoch Is Really Up To

He's teaming with Steve Jobs.

He doesn't care how many subscribers he gets via his internet paywalls. He is going to eventually shut down his internet product. His model is about selling his content via iPads, where it can't be copied or linked to, or searched.


  1. I guess its too bad IPads are lame

  2. Nurdoch is persuing the old business model of the newspapers with new tech and a "nudge" from govt. regulation. This model is to control supply and limit access. I wouldn't hold out much hope of this succeeding given the tremendous capacity of the internet to facilitate competition, except for "net neutrality." If this becomes the law of the land it will "nudge" content providers toward video which uses a lot of bandwidth at the expense of print. Bandwidth capacity is not infinite in the short-term and if video dominates, print will likely suffer. This might reduce bloggers to email status. In addition, since video is a bandwidth hog, the internet might end up with fewer content providers. Certainly fewer than the millions of websites and bloggers that now exist. This reduction in supply might make it easier to monetize (charge a fee). It would certainly invite govt. regulation to allocate the "limited" bandwidth. This is similar also to the ABC, CBS, NBC dominance of the airwaves pre-cable TV with the excuse that there simply wasn't room for more.

    For those who want to read their news, Murdoch's Ipad might become one of a few outlets. Beware of "net neutrality."