Monday, September 20, 2010

A Dumb Question for Krugman

Krugman blogs:

Soros, Obama, And Me

What do we have in common? We’re all small business owners, according to Mitch McConnell. Obama and I make our business income off books — he sells the audacity of hope, Robin and I sell the misery of Econ 101; Soros makes his money off financial destruction directing funds to their most productive use; but we’re all in the same category as the owner of a small factory.

And if you raise my taxes, I’ll lay off half my employees, of which I have, um, zero.
To continue with Krugman's cute absurdity. So, um, Paul, since you have been calling for this huge stimulus program, "to get the economy going", if the President were to go through with it, how many more employees would you hire?

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  1. Note to Krugman, my name is Frank and I own a small business that is a Sub-S corp. that you and the morons running this country do not consider a small business. My business makes a little over $1m a year. Of that amount, I see maybe $150k in my pocket, with the remaining going to taxes and capital for future growth. When my taxes go up I will not fire anyone (that would be stupid) but I will make up the difference via spending cuts and rate increases. If those rate increases lead to less work and a lower net profit, I'll probably then make cuts to employment levels to get my profits back up. In the mean time I will do things like buy new laptops instead of every 2years, I'll move it to 4; cut back on the perks offered to my employees; cut back on the people I send to conventions and maybe even consider going 100% virtual when my lease on my 5500Sqft office is up in 2012. If none of that works, I'll look at hiring offshore workers like nearly all of my competitors do.