Saturday, September 11, 2010

Hayek on "Planning, Science and Freedom"

Richard Ebeling emails:
Dear Bob,

Enclosed is an article by F. A. Hayek on "Planning, Science and Freedom," which appeared in "Nature" on November 15, 1941.

To the best of my knowledge it has never been reprinted, and does not appear in the volume on "Socialism and War" in Hayek's collected works.

I thought you might find it of interest.

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  1. It always surprises me that for every 10 people who know of Eisenhower's warnings about the unwanted power of the military - industrial complex, barely a one would be aware of Ike's warning about the threat from the scientific - academic complex, something he also discussed in the same speech. With Global Warming and Global War on Terrorism now dominating our political agenda, it would seem Ike was right on both counts