Thursday, September 30, 2010

What We Learned About Steve Jobs, Today

You don't piss off Jobs, even if you work in a different city, in a different company, in a different industry. You will get fired.

We also learned that Jobs and Rupert Murdoch have been spending more quality time together.

Here's ValleyWag:

Gordon McLeod has been packing up his office; today is his last at the Wall Street Journal. His ejection is complicated. But some coworkers think they know what did him in: insulting Steve Jobs in Rupert Murdoch's presence.

McLeod's exchange with Jobs, the fiercely willful Apple CEO, came one night this past June, at Murdoch's ranch in Carmel, California. An annual News Corp. retreat was under way and the theme, at least for the evening in question, was apps of the sort that run on Jobs' iPhone and iPad.

Jobs arrived for dinner by helicopter. He stayed maybe an hour; two tops. But he left an outsized impression, and not an entirely pleasant one: Even accounting for his reputation, some present were struck by what they saw as his arrogance and disdain. Over the past three decades, Jobs has left plenty of people feeling that way — underlings, competitors and especially journalists. But in Carmel, the assembled crowd had a reason to take it personally...

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  1. Jobs is the only guy who has convinced Internet consumers of Intellectual Property to pay for it. Namely by creating a neat device like the Ipod and making it hard for people to copy and share digital music files with it. He also canabalized some of the old distribution model by selling single songs.

    It's probably a last ditch effort for the sellers of copyrighted material over the Internet.

    Murdoch, I bet, is salavating at the prospect of putting his entensive news and entertainment stuff on the Ipad and having Jods work with him in making people pay for the content (and not be able to copy it, send it to others, etc.)

    I suspect everyone in the old media is anxious for a date with Jobs. I would also wager Jobs attempt to bottle up content again will fail. The android pad will have content apps with no limitation on copying and sharing.

  2. If you think Jobs is nasty, try pissing off Larry Ellison and see what happens.