Friday, October 1, 2010


In the California governor's race between Democrat Jerry "Moonbeam" Brown and Republican Meg Whitman, the dirt is begining to fly. The latest "expose" is that Whitman employed an undcoumented maid for many years and fired her as Whitman launched her campaign to be governor.

The undocumented ex-Whitman maid is being represented by, who else, Gloria Allred.

Here's a hilarious interview about the maid, between Allred and talk show host, Mark Levin.

BTW: Below I mentioned an Academy Awards after party that I have attended. Allred always shows up at these things. One year she came with Amber Frey. The next year she showed up with Miss California.

Needless to say, these parties are filled with the some of the most incredibly beautiful women on the planet and Allred always seemed to me to be kind of lost and lonely at them. She is known for going out to parties in L.A. without a male date. I always got the impression that she brought the Miss California's and Amber Frey's (who is much prettier in person than pictures convey) along as kind of a lure so that people would talk to her.

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