Sunday, October 24, 2010

Cuban Willing to Pay SEC to Dig Up Dirt

Mark Cuban has won a court ruling which requires the SEC to turn over to him various documents and emails that pertain to an investigation the SEC has been conducting of Cuban. Clearly, Cuban suspects wrongdoing on the part of the SEC.

The SEC's response to the judge's ruling: We are real busy here at the SEC and will start looking for the documents in March 2011 and should have something to you by 2012.

Cuban's response: Knock off the BS, I'll pay to fund staff to do the research now. Naturally, the SEC is against Cuban's offer. NyPo reports:
...the billionaire's lawyer, Stephen Best, told a judge his client would foot the bill to hurry the process....

SEC lawyer Melinda Hardy objected to Best's offer, saying it would send the message that people "with deep pockets would come in and go to the front of the line," according to published reports.

"This is not Mark Cuban wanting to buy his way to the top. This is Mark Cuban offering a solution to their one singular issue regarding why they're not producing, which is lack of resources," Best said in an interview following the court hearing.

"Mark will pay for either the overtime of SEC's attorneys or to hire outside consultants," Best said.

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