Monday, October 18, 2010

How the Obamas Greet (Non-Banking Elite) Guests at the White House

I am really trying to picture this in my mind. WWDfashion reports:

Instead of welcoming guests in a formal receiving line with a White House photographer on hand to help visitors capture their historic moment, or simply strolling through the Red, Blue and Green rooms chatting informally with invitees, the Obamas prefer to stand in a designated spot, such as one end of the East Room or in the Grand Foyer, safely positioned behind a red velvet rope. The kind of red velvet rope clubs use to keep out the riffraff. From there, the presidential couple smiles, chats, makes eye contact and waves as their guests jockey for position to touch their hands. No mingling.


  1. The cowards blame it the the secret service.

  2. At the behest of the Secret Service? Who reports to who...