Monday, October 18, 2010

Is Billion Dollar Money Manager Ripping Off Blogger?

According to Gonzalo Lira, a money manger with $1.5 billion plus under management, has copied Lira's writing and appears to be passing it off as his own--there's no credit or acknowledgement of Lira. Here'spart of the letter Lira is putting out:

To All:

Cumberland Advisors' Chairman and CIO David Kotok ripped off my October 12 post "The Second Leg Down of America's Downward Spiral". Not a few words here and there—about fifty paragraphs from my original piece.

Here is his "market commentary", posted October 15.

Here is my piece, posted October 12.

Check it for yourselves.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery—but thievery is something else.

Do you really want someone who would stoop to stealing from a trivial, obscure blogger to be handling your money?


  1. Mr. Lira should get a lawyer and sue for compensation and damages.

  2. Lira should get on Cumberland's payroll.

  3. David Kotok did acknowledge that he had not written the piece. Apparently some forgot to read the clearly written disclaimer. Take a look for yourself below is the link to the commentary.