Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Move Over Ben Affleck

I will be participating in a panel discussion tomorrow regarding "Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps" on Culture Shock, a radio program on Newstalk 106-108fm, the national Irish radio station.

The shows producer informs me:
Just so you have a bit more information about our show and station: Culture Shock has an excellent history of interviews with a wide range of renowned individuals on the show including last week Ben Affleck and Rebecca Hall and over the past few months David Simon, Hanif Kureshi, Davis Guggenheim, Mitch Albom, Ian Rankin, Anne Enright, Colm Tobin, Michael Sheen, Christopher Mintz- Plasse, Michael Cera, Henry Hill, Jonah Hill, Timothy Spall, Mike Leigh, Hilary Mantel, Aravind Adiga, Tobias Wolf, Bruce Block, Colum McCann, Alexander McCall Smith, Pete Docter, John Sayles, Fionnuala Flanagan, William Dalrymple, Will Self, David Thewlis, Melvin Bragg, Simon Schama and John Irving.
The panel discussion will be at 5pm EDT Thursday 8th October. Steven Benedict film critic and lecturer and Sarah-Anne Murphy, lecturer and film reviewer will be in studio to discuss this with the host Fionn Davenport. I'll be phoning in.

I believe you will be able to listen to it live, here.


  1. Do you mean the 7th?

  2. People that listen to you are gonna get a lot richer than listening to Ben Affleck...hehe. That station is pretty good though (yes, I'm Irish). Never heard that particular show though, out of the country. Good luck with the discussion.

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