Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The New York Times is Tanking

Circulation is way off at the Gray Lady. NYT announced today:
Total News Media Group revenues decreased 3.1 percent to $521.9 million from $538.7 million. Advertising revenues declined 1.7 percent, circulation revenues declined 4.8 percent, and other revenues declined 1.9 percent.

The increase in digital advertising revenues, which rose 21.6 percent, mostly offset a 5.8 percent decrease in print advertising revenues. Circulation revenues were lower primarily due to a decline in copies sold across the News Media Group.
Note: The only area of growth is online ("digital") advertising, but this will crash once the planned paywall goes up.

Note 2 to MBA students. It may be an interesting study to analyze the odd strategy of putting a paywall around your fastest growing revenue generator.

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