Monday, October 4, 2010

Talks to Sell Dealbreaker for $1 Million

NYT reports that talks are on going for Dealbreaker to be sold to the Observer Media Group, for close to $1 million.

This follows last weeks acquisition of TechCrunch by AOL, for more than $25 million.

Reportedly, one key to the Dealbreaker acquisition is that editor Bess Levin stays on board. Writers that can spin a story in any direction that is required to keep an audience simultaneously informed and entertained appear to be in demand.

Thus, one has to second guess the release of John Carney by Business Insider's Henry Blodgett. CNBC picked up Carney before he even had time to cash his severance check.  Carney is well liked on the Street and his background as a former a white shoe lawyer means he has a unique access to delkmakers that most writers don't have. A potential acquisitor would have paid extra for that.

BI will eventually be taken over, but the release of Carney will cost Blodgett a million or two.

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