Friday, October 1, 2010

What's Government Sachs Hiding?

John Carney reports this morning that Goldman Sachs won't identify the project that is part of its new, "Government Sachs doesn't rape America" advertising campaign:

The financing of a "clean energy" wind farm was the focus of the advertising campaign Goldman Sachs initiated yesterday. We thought it made sense to do a little investigation into the farm...

One problem: Goldman won't tell us which wind farm it is referring to.

Initially we suspected that this might mean the renewable energy company was more of an abstraction than a reality. Surely, Goldman has done investment banking work for tons of such companies. So maybe the vampire squids weren't actually referring to any one project.

The Goldman spokesman, however, told us that the advertisement is referring to a particular project of a client. But he would not reveal which client or the location of the wind farm.
 I'm taking over/under suggestionss on how much government money is actually propping up this scam Goldman project.

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