Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ben Affleck Becomes a Dupe of Global Government Operators

Today's WaPo contains an Op-Ed by actor Ben Affleck.

It appears that Affleck has adopted the Congo as a project and wants to help out the war torn country.

He's off to a bad start.

At one point in his Op-Ed he writes:
Perhaps the lack of attention toward these atrocities explains the disconnect in Washington between the compassion felt for the people of eastern Congo and the nominal advancement of specific policies to bring sustainable change to the region. Fortunately, that began to change this summer with passage of the Dodd-Frank Act, which required reporting the origin of potential conflict minerals from Congo. I hope that the incoming Congress will continue the bipartisan movement for sustainable peace and prosperity in that region.
I'd like to know who put this "conflict minerals" idea in Affleck's head. If I was the conspiracy oriented type, I'd say the master manipulators, i.e.the global government operators, got to him and are using him as a dupe. "Yeah, let's spread the necessity of this 'conflict minerals' program, through that actor guy."

As I pointed out back in July, the long-term result of this tracking of 'conflict minerals' will be the tracking of gold coins. Rather than helping out the Congo, what the tracking of gold coins will do is make it difficult for individuals to use gold coins freely. It is another step the banksters will take to squeeze every possible penny, and gold coin, from us that we have tucked away.

Ben needs to read a little more. The conflict minerals program is based on the absurd conflict diamonds program, know as the Kimberley Process.  In August, Jack Jolis ripped apart the public justification that caused the Kimberley Process.  It's a charade for the benefit of the powerful.

Affleck is a decent actor. Go to the movies, buy some popcorn and watch his movies. But keep in mind, he's good at delivering a line, that's why the bad guys are circling him.


  1. Dodd-Frank Act was supposed to be a response to the financial crisis, not a tool for resolving problems related to post-colonialism in sub-Saharan Africa.

    I guess that doesn't seem suspicious to Affleck.

  2. Along the same lines, his wife, pushes the flu vaccine containing hazardous waste levels of thimerosal on the innocent.

  3. Ben is one of the good guys. If he made a mistake it was not intentional. He's still young and we all make mistakes when we are young. I'm not saying this because I'm just a fan. I've listened to his political ideas enough to know that he has very good intentions and he's smart and has the potential to serve in government office some day. But he has to learn along the way first. I just hope our horribly corrupt government does not corrupt this very fine and decent young man like it has so many others like him. Whom ever they cannot corrupt they simply destroy or kill. I refuse to believe Ben had any bad intentions in this. It does not go along with his political mind set that he has shared openly so many times.

  4. I suppose anyone with an intelligence equal to j-lo could easily be duped by Ben.

    Anyone with more than half a brain can see he is not serious about real solutions and real revolution.

    When has he ever called for jailing the white-collar criminals who are illegaly foreclosing on Americans? Do you really think that making America poorer and destroying its middle class will help Africa? Ben has repeatedly jumped in bed with those who think tearing down the image of American working class people will somehow help poverty in the third world. Anyone serious about the third world will support jailing the ceo's and seizing their assets. A number of his movies portray working class people and their values in a caroonish mockery. He is an idiot, as is anyone who follows him.

  5. Ben is not a good actor, he is a flipping horrendous actor, a real no talent bum. Please name 1 good role he has played?????