Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Clueless London Students Protest Tuition Hikes for Useless Educations

Reuters reports:

Students demonstrating against higher tuition fees burned placards, scuffled with riot police and smashed windows at the headquarters of Britain's governing Conservative party on Wednesday.

Protesters, their faces covered with scarves, kicked through the glass doors of the building, a short distance from the Houses of Parliament. Demonstrators occupied the ground floor reception area, while others streamed onto the roof of the building.

The violence broke out during an otherwise peaceful march by thousands of students and lecturers protesting against plans by the Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition to triple the amount universities in England can charge students for tuition.
Since the British government doesn't have the funds to pay for these "educations" and could only resort to money printing to keep the scam going, one wonders what the students have been taught at these schools.

It appears nothing about balanced budgets, self-responsibility or that the nanny state will ultimately fail them.


  1. The picture is even MORE disturbing due to the London School of Economics placard (LSE).
    Geeez! You'd think LSE kids would at least have a CLUE!

  2. Capn Mike,

    You must've missed the scary "expose" of George Soros produced by Glenn Beck that Wenzel posted earlier... LSE is a "Fabian socialist" hangout. Those kids do have a clue-- they want your money and they want to run the world with it!

  3. Taylor,
    Yeah, I DID miss it. No TV down here in de islands (thank God).

    I actually know a couple of kids from LSE and they are actually pretty darn literate economically.(I would HOPE so). Not Austrian, but not bad.

    I actually kidded one of them last year about LSE's Fabian roots, then realized that LSE was HAYEK'S refuge while battling that creep from Cambridge, John Maynard something.

    I apologized, and they graciously accepted.

    P.S. I actually used the word 'actually' THREE times there. Must be late......