Thursday, November 25, 2010

EPJ Readers Speak Out: Are We All German Jews Now?

Murray Sabrin's article, We Are All German Jews Now and my early response to some of the emails, Am I on the Crazy Fringe? , resulted in my getting many more emails because of these posts than on any other topic, ever. The emails were split almost 50/50, pro and con. It's obviously a sensitive subject. Here is a sampling. (Note in some cases, the emails were edited in an attempt to keep this post somewhere at a reasonable size)

Robert --

Just read your objection....

I'm a little disappointed: the essence of Nazi German, & the pre-cursor, were not mechanical, physical attributes. Such items do not move a Nation.

Your approach is to present the greatest atrocity the world has experienced, from a perceptual level of consciousness: if something looks like it did in Nazi Germany, then it might lead to Nazi Germany here.

I would recommend Leonard Peikoff's, 1982 "The Ominous Parallels," which you may have read, which discusses the philosophical conditions that lead to Hitler. A more recent book, would be Stephen Hicks's "Nietzsche and the Nazis."

Even under Obama, it could not happen here yet, as witnessed by the total uproar, from many sectors, regarding TSA.

If you want to talk about conceptual similarities, it occurred when the rule of law was abandoned in the GM bankruptcy; I think the TSA is mostly the result of stupidity, not a philosophical movement toward dictatorship.


I really enjoyed your posting about TSA security measures and the real nature of totalitarianism...

"...That it is put on the people, like a winter coat. All at one time, and in full view for all to see.

This is a grave misunderstanding."

Wonderful stuff. I'd like to reprint it tomorrow in the newsletter I run for Agora Financial, Whiskey & Gunpowder. Full credit would of course be given as would a link to the where the post originally appeared. Would this be okay with you?
Dear editor:

Thank Mr. Sabin for a poignant article. We are entangled in this totalitarian regime that seeks bureaucratic answers to simple problems not to effect solutions but to strip dignity and soften us up for their coup de gras. They sue Arizona because they want to ask for documentation of citizenship yet they grope grandmas with prosthetic limbs. If they adopted Israel's successful policies it would offend the arab world. It's all upside down and backwards- just the way the want it.
As a former German Jew, Veteran US Army WW2, I take exception to Mr. Sabrin's distasteful article. While I oppose the senseless airport procedures, one can hardly compare this stupid phenomenon to the suffering

European Jews, including German Jews, underwent on the hand of the Nazis. I am speaking from personal experience and resent ill-advised remarks as a headline for an advertisement.

Thank you
Dear Mr Wenzel.  Your article is dead bang on accurate.
In my younger day I made the acquaintance of two Jews with  concentration tattoos on their forearms. That was staggering.

I also knew a man who served in the Hitler youth corp. His stories were appalling.

My family took in a couple who escaped from the Hungarian revolution

In addition to my biological father who died as a result of his war wounds, my father in law flew fighter planes over Europe and the Pacific during WWII. My adopted father flew 33 combat missions for the RAF in WWII.

What I see now makes my blood run cold.
Dear Mr. Wenzel,

On the flip side of German Jews escaping, there's Peter Drucker. He read Mein Kampf, believed what Hitler had wrote, and left Germany. Ironically, one of his colleagues, who was a drone as a journalist, became a high-ranking officer (a general if I remember correctly) in the SS.

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