Thursday, November 25, 2010

A Shocking Report on Afghanistan: The New Taliban are Worse

Jeremy Scahill is just back from Afghanistan. Scahill is a real reporter, he goes where the story is, which means he traveled in Afghanistan without anyone telling him where he can or can't go--including the Unites States military press office.

I thought things were bad in Afghanistan, but they are much worse than even I believed, as I learned from the below clip from Scahill.

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  1. When you give an institution a monopoly in anything - in this case the federal government's monopoly in territorial protection - the monopolist will not have any competitive or profit-and-loss incentive to succeed. Worse, the monopolist in this case is allowed to behave above the Rule of Law. So not only will the monopolist's actions inevitably be immoral, but without the pressures of competition that a free market in protection services would provide, the monopolist's work will be grossly inefficient and obviously counter-productive.

    The structure we have now encourages the monopolists, the two Bushes, Clinton, Obama, etc., to act aggressively, start wars, invasions and occupations whose effects have been and will be only to provoke the inhabitants in foreign lands to strike back, and the outcome will inevitably harm the monopolists' "clients" ("We, the people" or, more accurately, "We the schmucks"), as well as the people who are the objects of the monopolists' aggression, invasions and occupations.

    The Anti-Federalists were right.