Wednesday, November 24, 2010

FBI Questions Mountain View-based 'Expert Network' Employee

In the on-going insider trading case, WSJ is reporting the first known situation where an employee of an 'Expert Network' firm has been questioned.

WSJ writes:
The Federal Bureau of Investigation also recently questioned an account manager at Primary Global Research LLC, a California company that provides "expert-network" services to hedge funds and mutual funds, people familiar with the matter say.

Such expert-network firms set up meetings and arrange calls between traders seeking an investing edge and current and former managers from hundreds of companies. The FBI is seeking information about a Primary Global consultant and his hedge-fund clients, these people say.

Executives of Primary Global, based in Mountain View, Calif., didn't respond to requests for comment.
It is clear the government does not understand the nature of investing and how information seeking plays a key role in making the markets more efficient. It appears that the government is using a Pinball Wizard model of what an ideal investor should look like:
A deaf, dumb and blind kid...stands like a statue... Plays by sense of smell.

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