Wednesday, November 24, 2010

An Ordinary Man Beats the TSA

Matt Kernan says he's no "die-hard constitutional  rights activist", but "for some reason, I was irked, " he writes on his blog.

"Maybe it was the video of the 3-year old getting molested, maybe it was the sexual assault victim having to cry her way through getting groped, maybe it was the father watching teenage TSA officers joke about his attractive daughter. Whatever it was, this issue didn’t sit right with me. We shouldn’t be required to do this simply to get into our own country," he wrote.

And so with time on his hands, he refused the radiation scanner and the grab up. And, he beat the TSA

Kernan takes over the story, here.


  1. I think what disturbs me most about Kernan's account is how much the TSA works like a customer service call center, or retail store. You have a customer-facing employee and a supervisor/manager.

    I quote Mr. Kernan: “Do you have a manager?”

    We're turning minimum wage employees and their handlers into a distinct level of law enforcement. How scary can you get?

    In the meantime, how fast can we get a Supreme Court test case to force these idiots to back down? Everyone thought the TSA would backtrack, but it looks like Janet's a little too thick-skulled to catch the drift.

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