Friday, November 5, 2010

Florida Students on to Bernanke's Happy Talk

Fed chairman Ben Bernanke spoke to business and economics students from throughout Northeast Florida at Jacksonville University’s Davis College of Business.

After his prepared remarks he took questions.

One student, according to Bloomberg,  asked if “skyrocketing” commodities prices may threaten his inflation outlook.  Bernanke kept his blinders on and said rising commodities prices are “the one exception” to a broad reduction in inflationary pressures.

Asked by another student about rising gold prices and concerns over inflation, Bernanke simply responded with Alice in Wonderland happy talk:
Let me be very clear: We are absolutely committed to keeping inflation low and stable.We have the tools to unwind and tighten policy at the appropriate time. We will honor both sides of our dual mandate.

In truth, the minute Bernanke stops printing, he is going to crash his propped up manipulated recovery. If he continues printing, it will bring on the mother of all inflations. It sounds like these students were on to Bernanke.

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