Friday, November 5, 2010

Real Time: Geithner-Liesman Spewing Propaganda

Keep in mind that the Federal Reserve has just launched QE2 because as they put it, "employment continues to be slow."

No one back in April thought any thing good was going on with employment. The employment picture was even uglier then. But there is something curious in April, specifically April 1.

Treasury Secretary Geithner's calendar is out for the period April to August of this year. In the calendar, actually in a text section, for April 1 at 2:00, it shows that CNBC news correspondent Steve Liesman had an off the record "discussion" with the Treasury Secretary in his office.

Whoa! So I searched for Liesman reports on late April 1 and April 2 to see what Liesman might be reporting at CNBC. Well, blow me down. On April 2, Liesman not only reports at CNBC, but he gets a spot on the NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams. Liesman tells America, remember this was back in April:Jobs report bodes well for recovery. Got that? Liesman meets with Geithner. Liesman moves beyond his normal propaganda role at CNBC, and tells the much larger NBC audience that an unemployment report, LOL this is in April now, "bodes well for recovery."

Let's go to the videotape. You can tell by his hedging that he knows he is telling total lies, man:


  1. Wenzel,

    Great work! Don't know what else to say. You're an actual journalist, how many other "professionals" got this nugget? None. They're too busy finding out what the propaganda of the week is, collecting their paycheck and going home. It's 8pm on a Friday night and you're still working!

  2. Liesman is a pathologically lying retard. He's talking about jobs? I'll tell you what, the fact he has a job is depressing.

  3. Wenzel, the man. Nailing the appropriately named Liesman. I can't think of one person on TV be it CNBC or the networks that isn't despicable other that the Judge.


  4. Okay, you've gone and done it now! After watching that clip, I'm going to have to take a shower, play some heavy metal real loud, and sniff the whipped cream can for some NO2 to get rid of the experience!