Sunday, November 14, 2010

It's Time We Abolish the TSA and Make All Their Employees Register as Sex Offenders

Forbes columnist Art Carden has an important column calling for the abolishment of the Transportation Security Administration.

Carden points out that: "...the TSA doesn’t provide security.  It provides security theater...". I would call it security theater of the absurd. It takes a lot to wake-up the generally docile boobsie class, but the TSA options of a dose of cancer causing radiation or a groin hand-check has apparently done so.

Carden's full column is a point by point refutation of all the other checks the TSA conducts that actually make the groin hand-check look sane in comparison. He thus reaches the obvious conclusion that the TSA needs to be abolished, he states the airlines would conduct better security checks on their own. Indeed, they would.

Carden doesn't use the words," privatise airport security" airline by airline, but that is what he is calling for.

It's time we follow Carden's advice, abolish the TSA and, further, we should require that anyone ever employed by the TSA  be registered as a sex offender. There's really something sick about an organization that spends its days hand-checking groins and telling us they are looking for explosives, when a terrorist can stick explosives where the sun don't shine and completely pass the groin hand-check.


  1. ...where the sun don't shine...

    Please don't give them ideas.

  2. The qualifications to become a front-line TSA child molester are no more stringent than to get a job as a hotel bell-hop.

    The last one I had a chance to converse with had previously been employed as an assistant to a physical therapist. I discovered as he struck up a conversation with me about the removable cast I was wearing as he was wiping it down for traces of explosives.

    Not that being molested by someone with a high school or college diploma is any better.

    I won't be flying anytime soon, and I certainly won't allow my pre-teen daughters to be molested or being strip-searched by the cancer-causing backscatter x-rays device.

    If this insanity continues they may never see their grandfather again as he is too infirm to travel and lives across an ocean making it impossible for us to drive.

  3. Gotta love this gem of a comment to Carden's righteous article:

    "You are right that the TSA and all its works is absurd. But this has been the case since its inception. The case for the TSA has NEVER been reasonable.

    So the thing you have to ask is, “why?”

    The people that put this into place have designs on American freedom and independence. I think this is a blind spot by the sort of people who write for Forbes.

    You take them at their word and assume they are being genuine, if incompetent. I on the other hand take them as they ACT, and assume they mean what they do, no matter what they say.

    By that measure the people who have inflicted the TSA on us have as their agenda the continued dismantling of American freedom. They aren’t merely incompetent, they are evil, and we should start treating them that way."

  4. Arrested as sex offenders? No way. They are committing an act of war against America and they should be put on trial, convicted, and executed... every last one of them.

  5. "Our" government is offering us a "Sophie's Choice-type" option -- Be radiated and allow a naked picture to be taken and ogled by the perv in the back room, or be sexually assaulted. Call everyone and demand the TSA be routed. Law Enforcement wannabes, pedophiles and sex offenders do not keep us safe. We need to be protected from the TSA. Opt out of the naked picture machines and make sure your search is public and you are talking loudly about what is happening to you.