Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Left Provides Us a New Theory about Money

Matthew Yglesias, a fellow at John Podesta's Center for American Progress Action Fund, thumbs:
What do people think the alternative to the Fed "printing money" is? If we didn't print money, there'd be no money.

I think it's time Yglesias read, Gold is Money.


  1. Keep in mind Yglesias passes for a thoughtful intellectual in some circles. (Those circles are probably concentric with Paul Krugman reading circles.)

  2. So far, Yglesias' words is in the lead for most stupid comment of the week.

  3. Matthew Yglesias is young enough to rue his words for a long, long, long time once it dawns on him (and his similarly braindead followers) how clueless he is about economics. May he live long so his embarassment is prolonged.

  4. Can't believe anyone listens to or follows this guy. An intellectual...that's funny.